NSGA Newsletter – June 2016

NSGA Newsletter – June 2016

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The National Stolen Generation, would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this newsletter to the 17th Anniversary of Sorry Day.

17th Anniversary of the National Sorry Day

May 26th 2016

Today, as we commemorate Sorry Day, we remember and honour the many Aboriginal people who were forcibly removed as children from their families and taken to institutions, foster homes or into adoption. We remember and honour those who have passed as well as their descendants. We think of our Stolen Generation community members who live today with the profound grief, suffering and loss as a result of the government’s systematic removal policies.

We reflect also on the extent of the impact of the policies of forced removal across our community.  We know that few Indigenous families have not been touched by the loss of family members, and the journey to reunite and reform those bonds of family, community and identity.

The BTH Report told to the Australian community, the stories long known to the Aboriginal community of misguided policies, often brutally enforced.

The BTH Report is dedicated to ‘those who found the strength to tell their stories to the Inquiry and to the generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people separated from their families and communities. It is a tribute to the strength and struggles of many thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by forcible removal.

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The words of the BTH Reports’ dedication still captures perfectly the sentiments for this National Sorry Day 2016:

We acknowledge the hardships they endured and the sacrifices they made. We remember and lament all the children who will never come home.

NSGA Community Events – Victoria

city of whittlesea

Uncle Choc (Talgin Edwards) Whittlesea Council Sorry Day



Uncle Choc amongst other members from around the Melbourne community joined the Whittlesea Council in an acknowledgement of Sorry Day and to honour all members of the Stolen Generation. Thank you to the Whittlesea Council for providing the photos.



uncle choc

North Fitzroy Primary School – Sorry Day commemoration and acknowledgement of the Stolen Generation members and history.

Shantelle Thompson our area coordinator for Victoria, was invited to North Fitzroy Primary school to speak and work with the grade 4 students. Shantelle is a qualified Secondary teacher and she used these skills to develop an activity that the kids could participate in whilst learning more about the history and impacts of the Stolen Generation. The school has done a fantastic job on being inclusive of Aboriginal heritage and history within their curriculum and school culture. The kids where very active in their questions and showed some great knowledge about the history and impacts of the Stolen Generation. They created hands and on these hands they wrote messages of support and things they wish to do to help Australia become a better place.

I would like to acknowledge the NFPS in their work to be inclusive of Aboriginal heritage and culture.


Connecting Home – Victoria

Survivors sharing their story – Kerry & Deb’s story being shared with school students.

Connecting home was asked to do a worksh0p during reconciliation week,

Kerry James Fox and Debbie Kerr, were asked if they could do a talk for years 7 to 12 students.

The audience were students from both houses at Marymede Catholic College in South Morang.


Deb Kerr (Survivor) and Lindsay (COHO Support program worker )

Kerry and Debbie are both survivors of the Stolen Generation and they told their story to the students. Deb and Kerrie are both experienced speakers and had the room listening. The facial expression of the students told the story of how engaged and impacted they where by hearing the stories of both Deb and Kerry. Marymede Catholic College also gave us a very warm welcome and a thank you morning tea.

Darebin City Council

NSGA and COHO team members Shantelle Thompson and Mathew Potter attended the Darebin Sorry Day event organised by the City of Darebin and Darebin Intercultural Centre. The DVD ‘Nobody’s Child’ that was partially funded by COHO and the NSGA was viewed.



South Australia

BTN story

Chrissy Doolan from the Circle of Hope had great coverage for their community event in a media story produced and aired by BTN from the ABC news network. The link is included.


Northern Territory

Northern Territory Gala Dinner

Update to be provided

Other News

SNAICC Conference 2017

John has been asked to sit on the Expert Advisory Group for the planning of the 2017 SNAICC conference to be held in Canberra.

Building on the success of SNAICC’s last National Conference in Perth in 2015, SNAICC will convene its 7th National Conference & in September 2017 in Canberra.

In planning the conference, SNAICC seeks the advice of experts and leaders working on issues relating to the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. This Expert Advisory Group provides strategic high level in put to: conference themes and objectives; the fundraising strategy; abstract selection process; cultural program; and a communication strategy.

Website and Facebook update

We are in the processes of updating our website and creating a Facebook page to increase our access for members of the Stolen Generation and their decedents and the wider community. Stay tuned we are very excited about the next stages.

Next newsletter – September 2017