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The Nation Stolen Generations Alliance (NSGA) is national representative and advocacy organisation made up of a network of affiliate groups and individuals around Australia who work with Stolen Generations survivors to ensure their voices are heard, their truth is told, justice is forthcoming and a comprehensive healing process is supported, and continues as long as it is needed.

The NSGA has over 200 years of collective experience amongst its Executive and State and Territory delegates in working together on these issues and welcomes the opportunity to work with all Australians who support working for healing, truth and justice for Stolen Generations survivors. The NSGA works as a properly negotiated partnership between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and non-Indigenous Australians who are committed to continuing the work that still needs to be done.

The NSGA is dedicated to advancing the rights and ensuring the needs of Stolen Generations survivors and their families are addressed. NSGA lobbies governments at all levels and other relevant organisations advocating that they properly address the ongoing needs and concerns of Stolen Generations survivors and their descendents.

The NSGA was closely consulted in regard to the wording for the historic Apology given to Stolen Generations survivors by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on February 13th 2008. Due to its extensive networks across the country the SGA was able to ensure genuine consultation was conducted and the concerns and wishes of Stolen Generations survivors from all around Australia were included in the Apology.

NSGA is currently working on a number of projects including the upcoming Taking the Next Steps campaign The NSGA continues to work with and strengthen its networks across the country, to voice their concerns and encourage their work in often difficult circumstances. We are inspired by the achievements of many of our affiliate organisations as well individuals involved with the NSGA and we know that our journey together is as important as our destination.


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