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Annual General Meeting 2015

Minutes of Annual General Meeting – Brisbane 2016

19th February 2016



Voting Delegates: Qld: Catherine Watson, W. Prince; SA: Martin Pascoe, Lisa Burns: WA: Geoffrey Bice, Ken Riddiford; NSW, Miriam Stevenson; Tony Scholes Vic: Lisa Zammit, Howard Edwards; Tas: Craig Kube (by proxy), Tracey ? (by Proxy); ACT: Antionette House, John Williams; NT: Brendan Loizou, Phil Elsegood.

Executive:     Lionel Quartermaine, Sam Watson, John Dommett, Rosie Baird. Christine Jacques-Doolan, Rodney Dillan

Esteemed Elders: Cynthia Sariago, Mark Bin Baker, Brian Butler, Lily Arthur


Prior to commencement of AGM – Esteemed Elders (Cynthia Sariago, Mark Bin Baker, Brian Butler, Lily Arthur) addressed the delegates of the NSGA


Meeting Opened 10am


  1. Welcome To Country

Sam Watson (QLD) gave the Welcome to Country


  1. Minutes of previous AGM Meeting:

Discussion regarding item 4 of previous AGM minutes, which related to transitioning from an Incorporated Association to becoming registered under ORIC.


The executive explored this option and decided that there was no action to be taken due to issues with the CATSI Act. There was discussion regarding whether NSGA should open a PO Box in Canberra as the Office of Fair Trading ACT advised that the PO Box would be accepted in the ACT for correspondence. This would then be accepted and nullifies the issue of the residency of the company secretary.


John Dommett discussed that there is still a body of work needing to be completed in relation to the Constitution which needed to be completed regardless of Incorporation.


Discussion regarding item 5 of previous AGM minutes, which related to the NSGA providing assistance to any affiliate that was currently not incorporated. The executive assisted Circle of Hope (SA) to become incorporated. There were no other affiliates that needed assistance with becoming incorporated.


The minutes of the previous 2014/15 AGM held in Hobart, were passed unaltered


Moved:               Sam Watson

Second:             Howard Edwards.


  1. NSGA Finance Report

Sharlene Anderson (Veritas Corp) presented the Auditored Financial Statement for the 2014/15 Financial Year. The Audit was presented without any qualifications.


Unfortunately the copies that were handed out were inaccurate. Attached to the minutes are the updated and correct report.


The Motion was made to Accept 2013/14 Financial Statements


Moved:                 Sam Watson

Seconded:          Christen Jaques-Doolan


  1. Appointment of Auditor

Motion moved:

“That Sharlene Anderson a Director of Veritas Corp, being qualified to act and having consented to do so, be appointed as the auditor of the Company with effect from the financial year commencing 1st July 2015”.


This appointment was unanimously agreed to.


Moved:                 Lional Quartermaine

Seconded:          Sam Watson


  1. Election of Executive Members for 2015/16

The following Executive Positions in accordance with the NSGA Constitution, Clause 12 (8), were declared as retiring (rotation) and were open for election. The returning officer appointed for the election is Sharlene Anderson, as an independent suitably qualified person.

Positions declared vacant:

Aboriginal Co-Chair (Lionel Quartermaine); Secretary (Resignation); Ordinary Member (Rosie Baird)

  1. The election for the Ordinary Member was held and Ms Christine Jaques-Doolan was duly elected.
  2. The Election for Aboriginal Co-Chair was held and Mr Lionel Quartermaine was duly Elected.
  3. The Secretary role was then Declared with Ms Antoinette House being the only nominee.


The New Executive for the 2015/16 Financial Year was declared by the returning officer as:


Aboriginal Co-Chair                             Lional Quartermaine

Non-Aboriginal Co-Chair                    John Dommett

Secretary                                                Antoinette House

Treasurer                                               Sam Watson

Ordinary Member                                  Christine Jaques-Doolan

Ordinary Member                                  Rodney Dillon


6. Motion to Install Matilda House as Elder

A motion from the floor was put by Mr Mark Bin Baker, to install Ms Matilda House as the fifth Esteemed Elder, along side Mr Brian Butler, Ms Cynthia Sariago, Ms Lily Arthur and Mr Mark Bin Baker.


The motion was passed with unanimous agreement.

  1. Other Business

– Healing Foundation Stolen Generations Reference Group

Report by Cynthia Sariago and Mark Bin Baker as representatives on the Healing Foundation Stolen Generations reference group. This group meets every quarter.


– Connecting Home as Administration Centre
It was discussed whether Connecting Home should continue as the Administrative Head Office for the NSGA. It was discussed at length, and there was unanimous agreement that this arrangement should continue for a further 12 months.


The Motion was passed with unanimous agreement.


Meeting Closed: 2pm